Hi everyone!! I’m very happy/ excited/ anxious to start my blog today. I never had this idea of becoming a blogger in my mind. It just happened! And I can say that feels really good. Lot’s of great things and opportunities presented to us are unplanned. I don’t know about you, but if I had planned this too much, it probably would be on paper for a quite long time.

I’m 26 years old (at least for more two weeks), and I’m an architect by graduation. Currently, I’m finishing a master program which includes studying the business and management side of architecture. But, do you want to hear the fun (or sad, depending on mood) part of it? I star question myself if this is what I want to do with my life. Yes! After five years of graduate school, two trying to work in something relevant and one of a master. This is a scary feeling, and I want to share why.

I’m still very young, but suffer the worst kind of pressure. The internal one. Since I was in high school, I want to succeed in something. I always imagine myself graduated at the age of 22, working in a nice place and winning a decent amount of money that allows me to live in my apartment and conquering my independence. It doesn’t happen as I thought, and I know that I am not an exception.

I did join university when I was 17. Nevertheless, not the one I imagine. Design school felt on my lap, and It was fun while it lasted. I did good friends for life and had experiences that made me grow as a human being. Architecture school came two years after when I was 19, which already was a huge delay in my plans. I lived in a small city, and family didn’t have the money to help go anywhere else. But, I was thrilled with it. The problem and questions started two years ago when I’ve got my diploma.

Get a job was difficult and nearly impossible. Until now it is. My city doesn’t have lot’s of firms and opportunities to grow, so I decided to join forces with my girlfriend (she is also an architect) to get our projects. As you can imagine starting your own business right away is really stressful and painful. No connections or opportunities, especially in the wrong spot. We couldn’t give up. We only can look ahead.

One year after, in 2017, I started my masters with my family help. It still is a mind opening experience. When you read about other types of business, your mind starts to pop with ideas. I love architecture. It is an exciting profession. However, it isn’t healthy. Stress, anxiety, nights without sleep, little income and many other things are part of it. How can you enjoy something like this?! I always wanted to be an entrepreneur and this master brought me back those feelings.

Recently I watched a video on TED talks talking about the golden circle concept. On that video, Simon Sinek talks about the idea of an inner circle that defines your beliefs. Let me explain you a bit more. There are three levels: why, how and what. 100% companies and people know what they do every day. Some know how they do it. However, only a few understand why they do it. In other words, just a select group of people knows what their passion, beliefs is or what makes them woke up in the morning to keep going.

Idea behind

I’m not talking about highly intelligent or rich people. Or at least money rich. If you discover the motivation behind your life, you are certainly a special and gifted person. And that’s why I’m not creating a blog about architecture. At least in the sense of discussing it, since I dedicate part of my life to it, it may come up.

What I want to do here is create a space to share motivational thoughts and maybe share that one idea, text or video that helps to find your passion. I didn’t decide to do this based on numbers, but because I believe I may exist lots of people like me who thought they were doing something they like or believed that knew what drove them each day and somehow felt unfulfilled.

Now, I’m pursuing something that I like, and I never gave too much attention: writing. I can’t possibly know if it is going to be a full-time thing or my main passion. At least I have to give it a try. Take the leap with me stop pushing your dreams away!

It is time to share your Thoughts of the Century!!