Today I want to talk about potential. No, it is not a superpower hidden from your family and friends eyes. Is something entirely the opposite. For lot’s of time and situations, just other people can see it and point it out without making any sense to you.

As I told you before I am an architect. At least my diploma said so.

When I was a teenager and was the time to decide on what career path should I take, I never gave too much thought. Probably because this happens when we are 15 years old. This is insane. What could I possibly know about life or even what to do with it? You probably, at this point of life, read an article or a headline showing that we lost our creativity during our growing up the process because every day someone is explaining a rule and something we should or should not do. Thus, if you take this outside pressure and concentrate it towards any teenager, they are probably making a wrong decision.

When you become an adult the experiences you live or, could I be more precise, the amount of information that is around us, make us at least analyze a situation before taking some action. What I meant is, I should have read more magazines, newspapers or, I don’t know, took more risks before making a lifetime decision. Especially because not all of us are voracious readers so early.

At that time my mind just told me that I was a creative person. When I was a kid, I liked to draw. I never really took any classes to improve that skill. I didn’t develop any capability to be more accurate. One thing for sure, I was never a sports person. I like to practice lot’s of things, but I’m not a top tier. Thus, I was pretty confident about creating stuff. Maybe I just don’t want to follow the standard steps of medicine or law.

To add some spice to that thought, I had opportunities to see other parts of the globe at a young age. My parents love to travel and make a priority of it. It’s like currency. Sometimes my father would say “instead of buying this new thing we could travel.” So, I could use this vision to enhance my creativity.

Now, how can I possibly be sure about that decision?

First of all, I’m still that horrible kind of people who invent lots of excuses to procrastinate any tasks (I’m working on that. It’s a New Years resolution). Instead of reading or study more, I killed some time to play video games or just doing the minimum necessary to pass. How (just explain to my mess up expectations) can someone be successful with that kind of attitude? Okay, everybody needs a hobby, but you can’t put this hobby as a priority.

As Tim Urban said in his amazing lecture to TED Talks, my procrastination monkey took control of my mind, and since there weren’t any deadlines, the panic monster didn’t need to wake up to alert me of anything. I keep an agenda in which almost every day something is being pushed towards tomorrow. Well, study when I need, I find some answers when I need. However, this happens when other people or situations challenge me. I have a problem with self-motivation.

The thing is, sometimes people can fake well confidence to others.

I’m not a great presenter, but if I have to, I will speak in public. I’m not a great leader, but if I have to take some control, I will do. In this way, some friends and family think that I can be great in what I do. Or even suggest me to become a professor. My father always tells me: “you have a lot of experience. You traveled a lot; you are finishing your master’s degree, so share this.”

The thing is I didn’t work since I graduate and this scares me a little bit. Nevertheless, what is even worst, this past month, I start wondering if I want to pursue architecture. This is scary. When you dedicated your time to learn something, your rational side tells you that you are throwing your time and your parents expectations on the garbage.

Then become self-pressure and anxiety.

The thing I realized the last years and I want to share is: don’t let your mind trick you. Do not sabotage yourself, and most of all, don’t be afraid of starting a new journey or disappointing someone. I want to tell you guys someday the end of this history, and I am confident that will be a happy one. Reassess your brain, emotions, make adjustments and find your inner self.


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