When I read tips for those willing to start a blog, one of the most common ones is “Plan your posts and schedule it,” this way you are able to produce and reevaluate the content. In addition, you avoid stress because the texts you should be writing today are only going to the blog in a couple of weeks, months or whatever you decide.

Well, this is a very nice description how a reasonable person looks like. Not me, by the way. Maintain a blog requires dedication and since people expect to read your vision about something regularly, you must have an agenda.

Today, despite I tried to find my way through a bunch of numbers (I have to finish a financial plan which is included on a business plan due to February 19th as a final work of my masters….and I simply hate numbers), I made a homemade sweet potato pizza, and watched a new series on my TV. It doesn’t look that bad telling like this but will organize for you.

8:00 – 9:00: went to the GYM
9:00 – 12:00: mostly watching tv
12:00 – 13:00: Lunch
13:00 – 15:00: looking for a cook processor (to do the pizza)
15:00 – 16:00: Financial plan (time spending actually doing something useful)
16:00 – 17:30: made the pizza
17:30 – a few minutes ago: watch tv

You are probably thinking: “this guy is lazy and disorganized.” I kind have to agree in some parts. When you are a chronical procrastinator is natural to be misleading with those concepts. Some could say procrastination is a euphemism for laziness. Nevertheless, this wasn’t my original plan. I had two things for today: 1. dedicate some time to end the business plan; 2. Write something to the blog. The first one is an easy guess to understand why I pushed (the I hate numbers thing). The former… I don’t know honestly. I’m so used to push things to tomorrow that can’t see the difference anymore. But, as you are testifying I am committed to the blog journey once I made it to the laptop. However, this didn’t happen just because I wanted to.

I am a procrastinator for so long that I can’t even tell. So, as you imagine, I already read a couple (a dozen…a thousand) articles about the issue. It’s is not a simple job, and as time goes by you can absorb some tricks by osmoses.


I mentioned before an agenda. I may not follow it every day, but believe me, I’m much better now than years ago. I use to take general notes on my smartphone, and it was a mess. So I bought an agenda or daily planner. I learn to use it with someone.

My girlfriend has this habit of buying every end of a year a nice agenda where she can plan her day, and every time she concludes a task, she paints with a marker. She got results since she completes the tasks. However, there is a good and a bad part of this. The good one I already told you. The bad is she really needs to complete every single thing, otherwise she got nuts (We procrastinators have the gift to not suffer from things like this. At least not in a short period XD)

Now, when she got a new agenda, I bought one for me as well. This year I choose a very nice Star Wars theme (not that matters).

Keep a daily planner, a physical, is excellent and can help us in the second step.


Technology is blended with us more and more and is normal to take notes on our smartphones. I do that. However, now I divided the two categories. In my smartphone, it goes personal life, and agenda my professional.

One of the reasons that anxiety is present in the lives of millions of humans in the 21st century is because we are not able to disconnect from what we do. Architects creating in their houses, even after work journey. Lawyers studying their cases. There are tons of examples. It is indeed hard to turn off our brains. Nevertheless, you can select what stimulus you want to receive and what time. Keeping professional issues in a physical planner, allow me the freedom to see only when I open, and the best part, it doesn’t beep.

Now the only thing I see on my screen is a medicine I have to take, a medical appointment, a phone call I must do, and the list goes on. In fact, that is the reason why I am sitting and writing right now. Not because my phone said, but because I keep a note app that I use as my brain back up. Everything I think I put there. There is a note called BLOG, where I organize the themes of my future articles and other crazy ideas. I don’t know when they are going to be useful.

Since we talked about stimulus, here it goes one more.


My phone is always beeping and almost every time is a subject that could have waited. WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook, they are all great apps that make our lives easier and happy (I spend lots of time on Instagram watching funny videos and memes). You must take control of your life back from technology. In my case, to avoid the Instagram problem, I delete the app every Monday and download every Friday night. Until now this strategy was effective.

Also, I use to be annoyed with the number of messages I received on WhatsApp. Nowadays, people often create a group for every little meeting or task. Birthday party Group. Let’s get some Ice cream on Friday group. Usually, these groups are not deleted after the end of the event because you want to maintain contact with the other persons, or just because you don’t want to be rude.

Two steps for you. First, put in silence every group for one year. And two, delete the ones that are not important. If you want to talk to somebody or everybody, call them and go to a bar, restaurant, park. Besides the distraction, we also procrastinate our real friendships. We need face-to-face contact.


The list of tips and tricks could go for a while. However, being a procrastinator myself, I prefer to tell what is working for me until this very moment. I need to improve a lot more, and I know that each us have this leave for tomorrow part. It is not laziness, and it’s not easy to control. What can we do? Keep trying to improve ourselves day-by-day.