After a not so quick break, I’m returning to my blog “obligations.” Now, all the pressure that I was experiencing with the end of my masters is gone. My presentation was better than I thought, considering the anxiety and the fact that I didn’t present in my mother language. Strange as it sounds, for me the year is starting right now.

Life is defined by cycles, and we do want to match them with the new year eve. However, this isn’t an easy task to do. My masters were exactly like this. Since the end of 2017, I was kind of breaking my mind to establish my goals. It is challenging to do it if you give too much thought. I didn’t want to define anything was the primary objective just because I need it. Everybody needs something to drive them every day, but it must be something significant. I already made these mistakes in the past years. For instance, “this year I want to be successful in my profession.” It is a noble and great thing to do it. No matter if you are young or old, It is common to establish general goals. Nevertheless, these goals require a break in different levels. In fact, as many levels, as you think it is essential to make it move forward. Summarizing, I couldn’t do it by December, or January or any other day until now.

No, I couldn’t figure it out everything yet, and this is o.k. When you are dealing with the future, uncertainty in a variable always presents in it. But, the thing that was pulling me back and turning it harder to focus was the masters. I couldn’t feel the end of the cycle. I wasn’t feeling free to put my glasses and see the opportunities in my future. Now, I feel comfortable to face this task. This is the very first time in my life that I don’t have anything planned. How is this possible? Well, we born, our parents put us in preschool. Then there is elementary, middle and high school. After, there is social pressure towards a college education. In my case, there was one more step that leads me to the master. Now, there is absolutely nothing planned for my upcoming days. It is frightening but at the same time give me a sensation of freedom. I can stop for a moment and actually think about my next step. It doesn’t need to be a fast decision. Of course, I still need to make some money to survive and fulfill my basic needs. However, I think it is wise to stop and turn myself into a path I can stay for awhile.

Despite my graduation in architecture, I always wanted to be an entrepreneur. I think most people want this too. But, this will lead to a master in management. It was architectural management, but the concepts I learned were general to any business. Financial, economics, marketing, business classes were among it. So, when I arrived in Brazil, I did absolutely nothing for a couple of days to relax my mind and body. It is time to define my goals!


I can’t talk for everybody, but I have to suppose there is a group of humans that act and react according to the flow of life unconsciously, looking to a general goal, and they reach something good. Nevertheless, not everybody is so relaxed or disciplined to do so. I already mentioned my procrastination, and I need these goals and, at least a minimal level of organization to make me stand from the couch and actually do stuff.

To accomplish anything, I started with my general ideas, which are pretty ambitious, and broke down and simple tasks. The final product is attractive, but it is essential to find a starting point. It can send a simple e-mail to somebody asking for a contact or an introduction to someone (this is one of them on my list). For me, the goals aren’t about feeling good about myself for doing one little thing. Well, it is a bit. However, the concept is to do more and more things each day. Today I started with an email. That email can be split into two more tasks. In the third moment in four missions. I think you all got the idea. The beauty of the keep an agenda and the goals is to create movement until you find the perfect spark. Once you find it, you will aggregate the necessary motivation to keep going and made something out that crazy idea, no matter how big it was.

PS: If you want to understand a little bit more about goals, how they work and power in it, I recommend you to read the book smarter, faster, better which was written by Charles Duhigg, and also wrote the power of habit. The book is mainly about productivity and dedicate on entire chapter to smart goals and general goals. The examples of success used in this book are excellent to picture how to put it in motion. He mentioned examples of a general during the Yom Kippur War, General Eletric and others.

Watch the video below for a brief idea.